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What We Do


The Institute conducts research and study dealing with the two most fundamental problems we face in the world today, a growing mental health crisis and an environmental crisis.

The mental health crisis consists of persisting and growing mental health problems - mental disorder and instability, doubt and confusion, uncertainty and insecurity, feelings of fear, stress, anxiety, frustration and depression, and resulting substance use, abuse, addiction, overdose and suicide. They affect everything we do and we engage in, in all areas of human activity, in all sectors and at all levels of society, in private and in public life, in government, business, social services, health care, education and training. They affect how we understand and conduct ourselves individually, how we relate and interact with each other, and how we deal with the world around us, with nature and the natural environment.

The environmental crisis includes climate change and global warming, pollution of air, soil and water - rivers, lakes and oceans, the introduction of millions of synthetic compounds into the natural environment, the loss of biodiversity, the destruction of ecosystems, and the exploitation of renewable and non-renewable natural resources beyond nature’s regenerative capacity. It is leading to changes in nature that in the long-term will render the natural environment of the Earth uninhabitable for the human species.

In response the Institute advocates, promotes and facilitates changing how traditionally and today we understand, organize and manage human existence and development, and shifting the primary focus from quantitative physical-material to qualitative mental development and growth, through education and training in mental development and growth. Developing individually the knowledge, the understanding and the mental faculties to establish the necessary internal mental conditions for a sustainable, equitable, secure and peaceful development and future. Establishing the conceptual foundation and the framework of understanding to understand and manage human existence and development, existing in and as part of a constantly changing and transforming natural world, in an environmentally sustainable, socially equitable, and individually secure and peaceful way, within the natural parameters, the boundaries and limits of existence and development and our role and responsibility in them set by nature.

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